Software engineering starts here.

We've been building enterprise software for fifteen years, helping amazing companies around the world communicate. We wanted to build something for small businesses and pros because we saw a need for innovative and powerful products which are simple to use and designed to last - not just in the financial or telecoms sphere but everywhere.

Our process

It's pretty simple, we drill into the problem, scope fully and hit our milestones with a deliverable each week to you.

01 —

We build software where you own your data.

02 —

Software designed with longevity in mind.

03 —

Working with you to understand your problems.

04 —

Delivering solutions with a process of a few simple steps.

We build our own products

We've built, shipped and sold our own products so we understand where our customers are coming from.

Brring Conference

A conference service where there's no PINs or dial-ins, we call you.

Brring Live Dialer

Brring's lead-gen widget increases telephony and voice engagement on your website. Like live chat but for voice. It lets a visitor connect with an agent in seconds.

Our Services

We're a group of engineers and designers who build products from zero and scale up existing solutions.

Our (non-exhaustive) area of expertise

AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean, VMware


Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

Code hygiene

We like our PRs and code tests


OAuth, JWT, BCrypt, Instrusion Protection as standard


Network experts who know their routes from their VLANs


MiFID, Dodd-Frank, code licensing

Scaling apps

Kafka-esque? Don't block my thread

  • React

  • Java

  • NodeJS

  • TypeScript

  • JavaScript

  • Spring Boot

  • (and more)